applescript icon To install, go to the appropriate application and open the scripts menu, then select "Open Scripts Folder" and in this submenu, select the script folder for the application. Drop the script(s) into the folder that pops up.

iTunes Scripts

I prefer to listen to music in iTunes an album at a time. That is, I would like to listen to an album in its entirety, then have the music stop playing. There is no option for this in iTunes, so I wrote these scripts to do it.

Note: in an update to iTunes, the "album view" mode was introduced, which allows you to play an album as described above.

I used a script I came across on macosxhints.com as a starting point for these.

Web Browser Scripts

This is a simple script that will show a YouTube video in high quality by appending "&fmt=18" to the end of the URL of the page you're viewing. This is a well-known way to enable the high-quality setting for any video you're watching. This trick may at any time, without warning, be disabled or superceded by an official UI element on the YouTube site.

Note: the YouTube site does a better job of remembering your "video quality" setting now, so this script is no longer necessary if you you in to an account and set the video quality preference on each machine you use.

Once this is installed, use it by opening a video on YouTube, then activating the script in the script menu.

Two versions are necessary due to slightly different scripting terminology between these two browsers.

I apologize for the spaces in URLs; the file name is shown in the menu selection, so I prefer to have it readable (and didn't want to make everyone s/_/ /g after downloading).